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Thoughts on Iran

Since Bush and Cheney has planned a war on Iran for some time, I have these questions.

Question 1.
The president says that he is concerned with the prospect of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons. He states that he fears it could be used to wipe out neighboring countries in Iran or used to attack the Israel, and maybe even the US. However, Pakistan, which boarders Iran already has a bomb that it could easily share with Iran. Therefore, what do you believe the main agenda for bombing Iran would be?

Question 2.
What do you think the the US plans for Iran are?

Question 3.
No one denies Post war plans for Iraq are failing, therefore, what do you think, if any, would be effective within Iran?

Question 4.
North Korea is already producing nuclear Bombs and we are only negotiating with them for them to get raid of the bombs. Why are we taken a more threatening stance with Iran? Do you think this is because of racial and religious bias?

Question 5.
Does anyone really want a war without end just so the President and most of his party can feel happy. Are any Christian's happy to know the US pushing for further war in the Middle East, and what do you think the reaction to a US war outside of Arab countries would be?

Campaign for Iran (CASMII)
"Western diplomats will have the opportunity to tour Iran's key nuclear facilities, the chief of its nuclear program said, challenging Western countries to provide similar access, the official Islamic Republic News Agency reported."
news article taken from the CASMII site

If anyone here also has a FaceBook account, please join the Students against war in Iran (Official Petition to keep the US out of Iran)

Iranian American Political Action Committee (IAPAC)

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