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Welcome to Iranian Allies!

So, this community is a pretty big deal for me- I've been out for 4 years now, and during that time I've only met a tiny handful of Queer Iranians. I'm certain that at least SOME of the tight Deisel jeans hugging Iranian asses worldwide belong to gay people!
That's what this community is for. If you're Iranian, you know- it's not easy to be Iranian and gay- it's not even easy to be Iranian and be OK with gay people. We face harrasment, discrimination, ridicule- and in Iran, the very real threat of violence, banishment, abandonment...
Let's not let any more of us fall through the cracks and grow up thinking that we're alone and different. Post your thoughts on life as an Iranian as it relates to alternative sexuality- coming out stories, family dilemmas, anything. I (and soon, hopefully, other people) are here to lend an ear and to be a friend.
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