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Iranian Allies

Queer Iranians and their Supporters

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This LiveJournal community is for Queer Iranians from all over the world and their allies. Here we'll be able to have a safe forum to discuss the issues that are particular to being Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Trans/Intersex and Iranian. Muslims, Jews, Christians, and all other faiths are welcome, as well as all races.

The purpose of this community is to ensure that nobody gets left behind- the Iranian GLBT movement is only starting, and it's important that we educate our families and our friends about one of the most contentious issues facing them. We've all felt alone before- now, you don't have to.

Feel free to post: coming out stories, dating anecdotes, discrimination and prejudice you've faced, interesting and relevant news articles, good news, bad news, or even just a little bit about yourself- who knows what friends you'll make!