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Salam! Hi to everybody!! My name is Amir. I'm 18, gay, and half Persian and half white American.

Needless to say, I have a definitive pride and interest in my Iranian heritage. Growing up both biracial and homosexual, however, has naturally caused me to suffer through some troubling and complex identity issues. Of course I'm not trying to go all emo on you guys, or looking for any sympathy or anything; it's just that being gay is hard enough for a young man, then add being Middle-Eastern, and top it off with being only a half-breed at that. ...You can see how much of a minority I am in just about every situation!

But all of these aspects of my self, of which I was born with and therfore cannot change, have only given me more motivation to better my character, and overcome any obstacles that are thrown my way. Plus, I like being so unique!

And so, I would just like to say how enthralled I am that this community even exists! It made me really happy to find it! I've been lingering in this community for awhile, and am happy to have now finally made me introduction.

In short, I really hope to make some new friends here, because even though I love all types of people and take comfort in being like no one else I know, it would just be really awesome to finally meet some other Persian gay people! I just also hope that this community is not so stale that nobody will even respond to this post!

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