an expert in phoenixology. (108mics) wrote in iranianallies,
an expert in phoenixology.

hello. hello?

whud up, doods.
so it seems nobody ever actually posts here, but sometimes a girl just needs some queerfriendly persian love.
does anybody else ever get super-frustrated about not being able to be out to persian folks? and i mean, it's not at all that i'm uncomfortable or insecure with my sexuality, but dellam migirre at the very thought of persian people reacting badly to it. even my coolest iranian friend down here is the "i don't have a problem with 'them' but there are more important things to be concerned with" type. arg.
also, i get real tired of the american/western approach to relationships. goddamit. isn't anybody into sincerity anymore in this neck o' the woods? i'm not saying i'm down with the whole proposing as soon as you dig somebody deal, but i think certain eastern values have just kinda penetrated my person without my having noticed.
gawd. it's depressing me just to think about the fact that i need to communicate through an effin' machine feel some kinda support on this whole deal.
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