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Friday, February 9th, 2007

Subject:Thoughts on Iran
Posted by:irannews.
Time:4:02 pm.
Since Bush and Cheney has planned a war on Iran for some time, I have these questions.

Question 1.
The president says that he is concerned with the prospect of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons. He states that he fears it could be used to wipe out neighboring countries in Iran or used to attack the Israel, and maybe even the US. However, Pakistan, which boarders Iran already has a bomb that it could easily share with Iran. Therefore, what do you believe the main agenda for bombing Iran would be?

Question 2.
What do you think the the US plans for Iran are?

Question 3.
No one denies Post war plans for Iraq are failing, therefore, what do you think, if any, would be effective within Iran?

Question 4.
North Korea is already producing nuclear Bombs and we are only negotiating with them for them to get raid of the bombs. Why are we taken a more threatening stance with Iran? Do you think this is because of racial and religious bias?

Question 5.
Does anyone really want a war without end just so the President and most of his party can feel happy. Are any Christian's happy to know the US pushing for further war in the Middle East, and what do you think the reaction to a US war outside of Arab countries would be?

Campaign for Iran (CASMII)
"Western diplomats will have the opportunity to tour Iran's key nuclear facilities, the chief of its nuclear program said, challenging Western countries to provide similar access, the official Islamic Republic News Agency reported."
news article taken from the CASMII site

If anyone here also has a FaceBook account, please join the Students against war in Iran (Official Petition to keep the US out of Iran)

Iranian American Political Action Committee (IAPAC)

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Thursday, July 6th, 2006

Subject:i should have thought to post this here earlier, but..
Posted by:108mics.
Time:5:36 pm.
a friend of mine is starting a queer, persian network..
there's gonna be a gathering of sorts in montreal next weekend. also, there's a page for it on friendster. message or email me if you'd like further info.
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Sunday, April 23rd, 2006

Posted by:blueruby.
Time:10:00 am.
you guys!
I have a date with a persian girl tonight!
and there's even a livejournal community who understands how excited about this i am!
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Tuesday, November 15th, 2005

Subject:the transexuality issue in iran:
Posted by:108mics.
Time:4:31 pm.

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Tuesday, November 8th, 2005

Subject:do y'all know about this??
Posted by:108mics.
Time:1:03 pm.

also, this page may be of innarest:

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Wednesday, September 28th, 2005

Subject:Hey!! Salaam :p
Posted by:dude_omigawd.
Time:4:26 pm.
Wow, interesting! Although I had realized the difficulty of being in a position such as the one this group is dedicated to, I never even thought about finding others like me. This is cool :)
so, I dunno, just saying hi!
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Wednesday, August 10th, 2005

Posted by:amirican.
Time:12:12 am.
Mood: hopeful.
Salam! Hi to everybody!! My name is Amir. I'm 18, gay, and half Persian and half white American.

Needless to say, I have a definitive pride and interest in my Iranian heritage. Growing up both biracial and homosexual, however, has naturally caused me to suffer through some troubling and complex identity issues. Of course I'm not trying to go all emo on you guys, or looking for any sympathy or anything; it's just that being gay is hard enough for a young man, then add being Middle-Eastern, and top it off with being only a half-breed at that. ...You can see how much of a minority I am in just about every situation!

But all of these aspects of my self, of which I was born with and therfore cannot change, have only given me more motivation to better my character, and overcome any obstacles that are thrown my way. Plus, I like being so unique!

And so, I would just like to say how enthralled I am that this community even exists! It made me really happy to find it! I've been lingering in this community for awhile, and am happy to have now finally made me introduction.

In short, I really hope to make some new friends here, because even though I love all types of people and take comfort in being like no one else I know, it would just be really awesome to finally meet some other Persian gay people! I just also hope that this community is not so stale that nobody will even respond to this post!

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Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004

Subject:hello. hello?
Posted by:108mics.
Time:9:43 pm.
whud up, doods.
so it seems nobody ever actually posts here, but sometimes a girl just needs some queerfriendly persian love.
does anybody else ever get super-frustrated about not being able to be out to persian folks? and i mean, it's not at all that i'm uncomfortable or insecure with my sexuality, but dellam migirre at the very thought of persian people reacting badly to it. even my coolest iranian friend down here is the "i don't have a problem with 'them' but there are more important things to be concerned with" type. arg.
also, i get real tired of the american/western approach to relationships. goddamit. isn't anybody into sincerity anymore in this neck o' the woods? i'm not saying i'm down with the whole proposing as soon as you dig somebody deal, but i think certain eastern values have just kinda penetrated my person without my having noticed.
gawd. it's depressing me just to think about the fact that i need to communicate through an effin' machine feel some kinda support on this whole deal.
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Sunday, July 25th, 2004

Posted by:blueruby.
Time:11:33 pm.

homan is doing a queer persians conference in LA in november!

i'll be living in the bay area then, maybe i can make it down....

just thought i'd share.
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Monday, May 17th, 2004

Subject:unsent letter
Posted by:egomaniac9000.
Time:11:42 am.
Dear Mom & Dad.
It's time you stepped back and took a look at how your refusal to accept me for my entire person is affecting- ruining- my life.
You think I am depressed and need to be medicated. I agree that I am depressed but what I need is your support. You think that you can support me financially and emotionally and academically without supporting me in what you call my "decision" to be gay. These things are not inseparable. My worth as a person is tied to every facet of my being, and your complete rejection of this very basic fact in my life is destroying the stability and assurance that used to be the platform from which I could achieve all things.
My sexuality has become a scapegoat for every problem in our household: for my grades, for [my sister's] social problems, our inability to get along as a family, your nerves.
You think my grades are low because I must always be involved in "hamjens-bazee". No, my grades are down because I have to contend with the knowledge that my parents are broken spirits because of something they think I did to them. I have to watch on TV every day arguments that my rights to happiness and equality- what you yourselves say you came to this country for- are denied by our government and that my own parents support my exclusion. I am distraught by the thought of hate crimes, of disease, of loneliness- of the gauntlet of anguish I must navigate daily.
I have to manage my relationships completely unguided, because I am forbidden to talk to my family about issues that apply to me, and that you could help me with despite that we are different.
The indignity of being forced to lie about myself repeatedly to my extended family- that you encourage me to lie, that you encourage their probing- is spirit crushing. Of family members who know about me, not one has had the continued and exaggerated refusal to accept me that you have. Why does 'aberoo' continue to be more important in your lives than your relationship with your son?
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Thursday, May 6th, 2004

Subject:Welcome to Iranian Allies!
Posted by:egomaniac9000.
Time:9:23 pm.
Mood: hopeful.
So, this community is a pretty big deal for me- I've been out for 4 years now, and during that time I've only met a tiny handful of Queer Iranians. I'm certain that at least SOME of the tight Deisel jeans hugging Iranian asses worldwide belong to gay people!
That's what this community is for. If you're Iranian, you know- it's not easy to be Iranian and gay- it's not even easy to be Iranian and be OK with gay people. We face harrasment, discrimination, ridicule- and in Iran, the very real threat of violence, banishment, abandonment...
Let's not let any more of us fall through the cracks and grow up thinking that we're alone and different. Post your thoughts on life as an Iranian as it relates to alternative sexuality- coming out stories, family dilemmas, anything. I (and soon, hopefully, other people) are here to lend an ear and to be a friend.
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LiveJournal for Iranian Allies.

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